Walk Oregon News and Views

Walk Oregon News and Views


Welcome to the newly re-vitalized Walk Oregon website. Most everything we thought you could use is in place though a number of items are not complete, and we're sure of two things, we may have missed something important and what we have so far may be improved in the future.

We've aimed for a one-stop Northwest walking portal whether you seek information on volks-walking, finding an event or its location, or need graphics, instructions, club information or direct links to other Volkssporting Associations and Federations worldwide.

Our Home page contains several panels covering new walkers seeking information on walking with us, finding walks and receiving walk event information, bigger walking events coming up, finding clubs and associations here, nationally and internationally, and a selection of helpful resources for clubs.

Do check out our coolest feature: the WalkOregon Calendar where you can see when, where and which days sanctioned volkssporting events will be held in Oregon and SW Washington. Each entry with an address will also display a map of its location. The calendar also contains the State and Steering Committee Meeting Dates full details of which may be found under "State and Steering Committee Dates and Locations" in the bottom panel.

All content is available on your favorite mobile device. The items on the page will stack and are best viewed in landscape/horizontally.

Before you point at them, these items are in process:

Calendar is being filled

Club Due Dates and Documents is incomplete

Recently updated:

Walk Oregon Challenge (4/26/2014) pdf download

Wander through and let us know what you think, what you found, and what you'd like to see added. Address all comments, criticisms, or kudos to: otsva@walkoregon.org.

Thanks to web developer Ethan of Hungry Raccoon who patiently put up with my good and bad ideas, nit-picking and complaining along with the occasional cry of Ack! or "let's get that changed before Wendy sees it." We made it ,and it looks good.

Thanks also to Wendy for her steady hand in keeping walkoregon.org alive when no one else seemed to care. We owe her way more than we ever paid for.


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