Latest Update for Walking Guidelines

Latest Update for Walking Guidelines

Group walks for May, 2020 have been canceled, including the following:
Wednesday Walking group walks
Rogue Valley Walkers group walks
Willamette Wanderer Thursday group walks

5/16/2020 Eugene Walk Event Number: 115634

5/23/2020 Corvallis Walk Event Number: 116152

Contact any walk organizers for other events (including year-round
events) to determine if they are still being held or there are alternate
arrangements for registration.
You can find that information for any event, any state at the site

Enjoy a Year-Round Walk Safely:
Walking is good for you. The State organization in Oregon (OTSVA) is
encouraging individuals or couples walkers to walk the many clubs
Year-Round- Events (YRE’s). Since many of the Starting Points are
closed, it is recommended that you not sign in at this time but to just
do the walk, keep track of the date and walk. When things get back to
normal, you would then sign in, pay your fees, and stamp your event and
distance books. For those who walk but do not keep books, you would
just keep track of the walks and when this coronavirus is no longer a
threat sign in and contribute what you wish to help support our


For Walks in Clark County, WA, please contact the point of contact for
the individual YRE (Year Round Event) walk by email for both the All
Weather Walkers and Vancouver USA Volkssporters. If you do not know who
the Point of Contact is, please feel free to contact Dick Baker or Ed
Hainline at the below email addresses.

For Walks in Oregon sponsored by CRVC contact Ed Hainline by email at
For Walks in Oregon sponsored by Rose City Roamers contact Dick Baker by
email at
For Walks in Oregon sponsored by Willamette Wanderers, contact Julia
Westerberg by e-mail at
For Walks in Oregon sponsored by Yachats Coastal Gems, contact them by email at

The maps and instructions will be sent to you via email.

For your safety:

- Stay 6 feet or more from any person who is not in your household.

- The CDC advises wearing a cloth face covering when you are outside of
your home. This covering is to protect others from you, as you may be
shedding the virus even if you have no symptoms. Protect others, and
encourage others to do the same to protect you.

- Avoid touching any surfaces (such as crossing signal buttons, hand
rails, door handles) and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer
immediately if you do.

Be courteous to everyone and spread health!

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