Keeping Track of Walks during Covid-19 Lockdown

Keeping Track of Walks during Covid-19 Lockdown

Thanks to Bill and Leslie Winton of the CRVC there is an answer. For all of you walking during the Covid-19 restrictions, here is a spread sheet to help find and keep track of where you walked or may walk until our walk boxes are accessible again.

Instead of all of those Post-It notes on dusty walk books, attached is a copy of an Excel spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of your walks at least until the walk boxes are 'reopened' and books can be stamped.  But even beyond that, you may find it useful as a way to be able to sort your walk history to view it from different facets.  For example, you can sort your events by sponsoring club to see how many walks of each club you have done, or by city, state, distance, walk name, event type and so forth..


Stay Well,

Bill Winton, Membership


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