Monthly Archives: May 2020

Keeping Track of Walks during Covid-19 Lockdown

Thanks to Bill and Leslie Winton of the CRVC there is an answer. For all of you walking during the Covid-19 restrictions, here is a spread sheet to help find and keep track of where you walked or may walk until our walk boxes are accessible again. Instead of all of those Post-It notes on dusty...
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Latest Update for Walking Guidelines

Group walks for May, 2020 have been canceled, including the following: Wednesday Walking group walks Rogue Valley Walkers group walks Willamette Wanderer Thursday group walks 5/16/2020 Eugene Walk Event Number: 115634 THIS WALK HAS BEEN CANCELLED 5/23/2020 Corvallis Walk Event Number: 116152 THIS WALK HAS BEEN CANCELLED Contact any walk organizers for other events (including year-round events) to determine if they are...
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